Dainik Bhaskar- Madhurima Magazine (30-june-2021)

Kids all over the world are experiencing a new mode of learning with the sudden switch to online education. The ongoing pandemic has confined kids to their homes where online learning is serving as the new schooling format. And while kids are adjusting to this newfound learning mode, you can contribute to their learning by making this process more memorable for them through:

  1. Keeping the Study Place Tidy
    Their study place must be kept neat and clean. A tidy space will make them feel the positivity and keep their minds refreshed.
  2. Ensuring Proper Light in the Room
    The study room must have proper lights so that kids don’t strain their eyes while they sit before their pcs or laptops for the online class. Proper lights in the room are also important for helping them stay focused and alert.
  3. Picking Light Colors for Their Room
    You may also consider painting your child’s room with a lighter and soother colour that exudes calmness.
  4. A Neat & Tidy Space for Books
    Arrange their bookshelves properly so that they can find all their books and other important stationaries easily in one place. Make space for the ones that are used daily and keep the unused ones separately.
  5. Changing the Guest Room into Classroom
    If you have a guest room, it can be converted into a classroom that will allow kids to study without any distraction or disturbance. They will have their personal space to study.
  6. Make a Weekly Planner
    Planning is very important to ensure the studies go on without any hindrance. Make a weekly timetable or planner and make sure your kids stick to it.
  7. Organizing a Compact Space
    If you don’t have a spare room, you can create a study space in the room that you feel is quieter as compared to the others. Make the best use of what you have and change it as per your child’s needs.

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