This section is available on the right side of the homepage. In this section, you can access the expired classes using reward points.

Reward points will be credited in your profile as per the academic policy, these points can be redeemed to watch your missed lectures at any time. You are allowed to unlock 4 Days’ of missed lectures all together for 96 hrs using your rewarded points.

You may unlock your classes as per your need, for instance:

  • If you Unlock 1 Day’s class it will be active for 24 hrs
  • If you Unlock 2 Days’ class it will be active for 48 hrs
  • If you Unlock 3 Days’ class it will be active for 72 hrs
  • If you Unlock 4 Days’ class it will be active for 96 hrs

Let us understand it with an example:

Suppose, Today is 5th June and you missed the class on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th June. Now you want to view the class of 2nd and 3rd June, you may unlock them for 48 hrs by selecting the desired date and you may also unlock your remaining missed classes at your convenience.

Note/ Guideline:
● Use your rewards wisely only in case of actual requirement as they will be highly beneficial at the time of course end for revision purpose
● Unlock the required classes after ensuring your availability. For instance, you unlock a 1-day class which will be valid for the next 24 hrs then you must make sure that you are available to attend the class in the provided duration.

You can request for next lectures once the previous requested lecture’s validity gets over.