Test & Reports

Regular practice tests; an indicator of how you perform while under pressure, help you a lot during exam times which are very difficult and can be stressful. A Systematic approach for preparation and practice tests enables you to be confident enough and reduce your stress levels. The more you put yourself in an exam like situation the more you become adaptable to it and during the actual exam, you gain maximum comfort which is a key factor for you to outdo in the your target exam.

Why Tests & Performance Analysis are Important?

Giving regular tests and analyzing your performance in the test help you learn a lot about your preparation level and guide you form the perfect strategy for further preparation. Through tests and performance analysis, you get to:

  1. Put your learning to test
  2. Understand the concepts better
  3. Measure your preparation level
  4. Identify your strong and weak areas
  5. Chalk out measures to improve your score
  6. Improve your scores consistently
  7. Build the right exam temperament

To help you test your self-paced learning and the preparation level, ALLEN Plus brings to you online tests having question sets meticulously prepared by our faculty expertise. The tests will be conducted at regular intervals to ensure that your learning is well-complemented with the practice. This section will help you to take the scheduled tests (via Take Test) and check the results (via Reports).  

Here you will get the information about the active, upcoming, missed and  completed tests where:

  • Active: Shows the tests that are currently LIVE for the course
  • Upcoming: Shows the tests that are scheduled for the upcoming days
  • Missed: Shows the tests that student missed/couldn’t take
  • Completed: Shows the tests that student have completed so far

Points to remember before attempting a test:

  • For a better and smooth experience, your preferred Web Browser should be Google Chrome.
  • Before you start attempting test, make sure you have good & stable internet connectivity.
  • Make sure that the device (Mobile/Tablet/PC/Laptop) you will use has sufficient charge or availability of proper power supply while attempting the test.
  • Always login on or before login window time to avoid any hindrance.
  • Carefully read all the instructions on instruction page before starting the test.
  • Try to finish your test in one sitting (to utilize complete test hours).

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Along with regular tests, it is also important to know the solution of the questions asked in the tests, analyze your performance and bring in the required changes in the preparation strategy. A detailed performance report of your online test helps you to know your strengths and make you understand where you are underperforming so that you put efforts into those subjects/topics to strengthen them.

“Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do” – Benjamin Spock


Reports section allows access to the Solution of given tests, keep track of your performance in the test on the basis of various parameters and thoroughly analyze your preparation level with:


“Whatever you do, do well, and success will attend to your efforts. Best wishes for your test.”