Homework (Web)

ALLEN Plus introduces a new feature ‘Home Work on your class portal through which you’ll get extra assignments, in addition to your module exercises, for added practice and enhanced conceptual understanding.

In this feature, you will have to download the homework given by your teachers and submit it before the due date.

Now We Will See How to Download, Complete & Upload the Home Work.

Home Work section is available on your ALLEN Plus portal in the left pane as shown in Figure 1. Here you will find your homework link with subject and due date.

Figure 1

You can download the homework by clicking on the link. After downloading, you will have to complete the given homework and submit it before the mentioned due date.

Following are the steps to follow when completing and submitting the assignment:

  • Solve the assignment on your notebook and click clear image(s) of the solutions.
  • Upload these images in allowed (.jpg, .jpeg, .png) format only by clicking on Upload
  • While uploading the homework, you need to browse the file from device shown in Figure 2
homework web

Figure 2

Before submitting, make sure you click on  button as shown in Figure 3 and click on Submit Homework.

Figure 3

Give the final confirmation to submit as shown in Figure 4

Figure 4

Note: Once you submit the homework, you will not be able to delete or upload it again.
Your homework is submitted successfully.

Figure 5

After evaluation of your submitted homework the marks given will be published in the marks column once the due date is over.

Marks will only be provided on homework where it is applicable.

Important Points to remember:

  1. Complete the assignment before the mentioned due date.
  2. Upload your homework only in .jpg/.jpeg/.png format.
  3. Ensure image clarity before uploading.