Exercise Solution

Here we are providing you with the solution to the exercises given in your digital study material. You can search solutions either by Question Code or Subject. However, it’s important that you know the question code because it will be required in both search types.

What is a Question Code & where to find it?

Question codes are the codes given in front of the questions of your module exercise (Fig. 8.1).

To access the question code, you will have to first go to the Digital Material section in the options menu, and then to the Study Material section where you will find the code in the Exercise option. 

Steps to Access Exercise Solution 

1. From here you can search the exercise solutions using the Question Code.
2. From here you can search the exercise solutions by Subject.

3. If you search solutions by subject then you will get solutions related to the subject. Click on the solution you want to see.
4. You will get the solution here.

5. If you search for a solution by question code then you will get the solution to that particular question.