Ask Question (App)

How Asking Doubts Help You?

Along with asking questions, it is equally important to make sure that you ask the right one. Asking the right question can help you:

  • Direct your learning and build constructive knowledge base
  • Self-evaluate your learning
  • Monitor your concept understanding process
  • Boost your motivation
  • Develop more interest in the subject or topic

“The master key of knowledge is, indeed, a persistent and frequent questioning.” – Peter Abelard

Go to the top-left icon, click on Ask Questions to clear doubts using any of the following modes:

  • Text
  • Click Image with Text
  • Upload Image from Gallery with Text
  • Audio
  • Image with Audio
Ask Question App

Any doubt or question asked by you will fall under 3 categories: Unresolved | Unresolved with Solution | Resolved. To check the status click on the tab “Tap here to see previous questions”.

Unresolved: All the asked questions or doubts for which solution has not been provided will be available in this tab.

Unresolved With Solution: All the solutions to the questions or doubts for which you didn’t mark feedback will be available in this tab.

Resolved: All the solutions to the questions or doubts which have been provided satisfactorily will be available in this tab.

Ask Question App


If you ask any doubt it will first appear in “Unresolved” tab. If faculty provides a solution and you don’t mark any feedback or are not satisfied with a solution then it will appear in “Unresolved with Solution”. Here you can keep asking doubt until it is clear and mark your feedback.  Once you have marked a feedback “Yes” for satisfaction then it will move to “Resolved” tab.

You can use filter option given in the top right to filter doubts subject wise.

“It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” – Eugene Ionesco