ALLEN Plus is the platform for ultimate Digital Academic Support, built with high-end technology; designed for our classroom students with the sole aim of providing them with digital support through LIVE classes, recorded lectures, digital study material, LIVE doubt sessions, mentoring from proficient faculties, exercise video solutions, and a range of features to make the learning process smoother and result-oriented.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a doubt? Answers to all your questions regarding Allen Plus are just a click away..

Log-in Process

You can login through the web portal, visit: Or through the app:

For Android:
For iOS:

On login page:

  • Use your Application Form Number as the Username
  • Your Password is the one sent via SMS

Forgot Password

In case you don’t remember your password you can click on the Forgot Password section to get a new password.


How to get Login Credentials?

After the successful deposition of the fee, you will receive a class commencement SMS with ALLEN Plus Website/App URL and login credentials (ALLEN Form No & Password). In case you don’t get the SMS then you need to call on our helpline number.

How to change my Password?

On the top right corner of the website homepage, you will find your profile details. To check the details, you need to click on your name.

In this section, you will find:

Settings: From this section, you will have the option of changing password. As you click on Change Password, you will be directed to a new screen where you will have to enter the current password and then enter the new password. (You can change password to a specific length)

In the app, you will find the option to Change Password under Settings section available on left menu which will be displayed after you click the icon given at top left.

How to check the Class Schedule?

The schedule as shown on the homepage will be the latest schedule. To check the class schedule for a particular day, click on the specific date on the calendar. If there is a class/test scheduled on the current date, you will get to see the complete schedule. If there is no class/test scheduled for that particular day, the date won’t be accessible.

Green Highlighter means it contains the lectures & Blue Highlighter indicates the current date.

In ALLEN PLUS portal under ‘Schedule’ some dates are highlighted with different colors. What does they refers to?

  • Green Highlighter in calendar means it contains the lectures
  • Blue Highlighter indicates the current date.
  • If there is no color on a particular date that simply means there was no class scheduled on that day or it was a holiday.

At what time lectures will upload (Morning or Evening)?

Class schedule is decided by the academic team and it will be uploaded on your Notice board.

I feel my online learning is using more bandwidth. Why is it so?

The app is equipped with all the required functionalities aimed at making your learning experience a perfect one. Along with watching quality video lectures, both LIVE and recorded, you get to access various other features within the app that complement your learning and make it more seamless. And to cater for this quality experience, the app uses a certain bandwidth so as to keep up with the video quality and enhanced app interface.

How to get my Missed Lectures?

This section is available on the right side of the homepage. In this section, you can access the expired classes using reward points.

Reward points will be credited in your profile as per the academic policy, these points can be redeemed to watch your missed lectures at any time. You are allowed to unlock 4 Days’ of missed lectures all together for 96 hrs using your rewarded points.

You may unlock your classes as per your need, for instance:

  • If you Unlock 1 Day’s class it will be active for 24 hrs
  • If you Unlock 2 Days’ class it will be active for 48 hrs
  • If you Unlock 3 Days’ class it will be active for 72 hrs
  • If you Unlock 4 Days’ class it will be active for 96 hrs

Let us understand it with an example:

Suppose, Today is 5th June and you missed the class on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th June. Now you want to view the class of 2nd and 3rd June, you may unlock them for 48 hrs by selecting the desired date and you may also unlock your remaining missed classes at your convenience.

Note/ Guideline:
● Use your rewards wisely only in case of actual requirement as they will be highly beneficial at the time of course end for revision purpose
● Unlock the required classes after ensuring your availability. For instance, you unlock a 1-day class which will be valid for the next 24 hrs then you must make sure that you are available to attend the class in the provided duration.

You can request for next lectures once the previous requested lecture’s validity gets over.

Do I need to mention the reason while unlocking my previous class?

No, there is no need to mention the reason but it is advisable to use these Reward Points in case of genuine problem only as these points will be beneficial for you at the end of syllabus for revision purpose.

What are Rewards Points and their use? Where would I find them?

Rewards points are the points provided to you on your ALLEN Plus portal when you enroll for a course and attend classes. Points will be credited in your profile as per the academic policy. You can request access to watch your missed classes anytime using your reward points if you miss any class(es) of a specific day on ALLEN Plus due to any of the reasons:

  • Health Issues
  • Power Supply
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Internet Ban
  • Natural Calamity
  • or any other genuine reason.

Where do I find my reward points history on ALLEN Plus?


The Reward Points section comes under your profile details. To access your profile, you need to click on your name present at the top right corner of the website homepage.


Here you will find reward points history in “My Rewards” section under “My Assets” module available on left menu  which will display once you click the icon given at top left of the app.

How can I earn more and more reward points?

Reward Points are added in your ALLEN Plus portal as per the academic policy.

If I have used all my rewards points can I request previous class through call/email or any other medium?

You do not need to make any request for missed classes through Call, Email or any other medium, use the Reward Points Feature when you get further points in your portal.

How to access Digital Study Material?

The ALLEN Plus Study Material and Special Booklet will be made available to the student under the Digital Material section, which they will find on the top-left section of homepage. Filter section here in digital material, helps student to search the material according to their requirement.

How can I find a specific subject/topic material in my Digital Material section?

You can use filter option available in Digital Material to quickly locate your desired study material subject wise and topic wise.

When will I get my study material related to my ongoing subject classes/topics?

Digital Material related to your current subject/topic will be available within 72 hrs.

What different types of study material will I get?

In Study Material you will get subject/topic sheets, RACES and Exercise prepared by ALLEN academic team.

What type of study material will I get in the Special Booklet section?

This sub module will be utilized to provide digital material apart from your regular study material which will be useful for your academic preparation.

Can I download or print the Digital Material to make notes?

  • Yes, you can download the Digital Material and take a print.
  • You can also make your personalised digital notes on your digital material in ALLEN Plus platform using different annotation options such as Highlighter, Underline, and Strike-through etc.
  • You can Mark a particular section of your Digital Material with different shapes (Rectangle, Oval etc.).
  • You can Tag any important part in your Digital Material or make notes on them with free hand using pointer device and can enter text as well.

You can save these digital notes for future use.

I have downloaded my digital material but not able to find the downloaded file?

You can find the downloaded Digital Material inside downloads or documents folder in your device storage.

For how long will these Digital Material be available on my ALLEN PLUS account?

Digital Material will be available on your ALLEN Plus account for the whole academic session.

I have missed my test will I get question paper and solution of it?

Yes, you will get question paper and solution in your “Missed” section under Take Test sub module.

Can I change my device during test?

No, it is advisable to finish the test on a single device.

I have completed my test now where to get this question paper and its solution?

You will get question paper and solution in your “Completed” section under Take Test section.

Where will the test result be displayed?

The test result will be available in your “Reports” section under Test & Reports.

How to analyse my test performance?

A detailed analysis of your performance will be available in the ‘View Report’ option inside “Reports” based on which you can make your own strategy to perform well in future.

How to Take Test and Check Result?

Test & Reports section will help student to take the scheduled tests (via Take Test) and check the results (via Reports). In the Take Test section, student will have the below options:

Active: Shows the tests that are currently LIVE for the course

Upcoming: Shows the tests that are scheduled for the upcoming days

Missed: Shows the tests that student missed/couldn’t take

Completed: Shows the tests that student have completed so far

In Reports section student will get the detailed analysis of performance in the test on the basis of various parameters.

How to ask doubts?

You can ask doubt through the ALLEN Plus app & web portal both.

Go to the top-left icon in the app, click on Ask Questions to clear your doubts using any of the following modes:

  • Text
  • Click Image with Text
  • Upload Image from Gallery with Text
  • Audio
  • Image with Audio

Go to the left pane on the web, click on Ask Doubt to clear your doubts using any of the following modes:

  • Text
  • Upload Image from Gallery with Text
  • Audio
  • Image with Audio

Any doubt or question asked by you will fall under 3 categories: Unresolved | Unresolved with Solution | Resolved. To check the status click on the tab “Tap here to see previous questions”.

Unresolved: All the asked questions or doubts for which solution has not been provided will be available in this tab.

Unresolved With Solution: All the solutions to the questions or doubts for which student didn’t mark feedback will be available in this tab.

Resolved: All the solutions to the questions or doubts which have been provided satisfactorily by the student will be available in this tab.


If student asks any doubt it will first appear in “Unresolved” tab. If faculty provides a solution and student doesn’t mark any feedback or is not satisfied with a solution then it will appear in “Unresolved with Solution”. Here student can keep asking doubt until it is clear to him and mark his feedback.  Once student has marked a feedback “Yes” for satisfaction then it will move to “Resolved” tab.

How to get exercise solutions?

Click on the top-left icon to access the Exercise Solutions. You can search solutions either by Question Code or subject. However, it’s important that you know the question code because it will be required in the both the search types.

What is Question Code & where to find?

Question codes are the codes given in front of the questions of your module exercise. To access the question code, you will have to first go to Digital Material section in the option menu, and then to Study Material section where you will find the code in the Exercise option.

How do I know about Exam Alerts and other Important Updates?

In the Notice Board section available at the top-left icon and from the option menu, student will know exam alerts, weekly schedule, and access all other updates related to the course. Filter section here in notice board, helps student to search the notice date wise, category wise & format wise.